The Village

The Village hotel Oasi di Favignana

The Oasi village of Favignana develops entirely inside an ancient calcarenite quarry, surrounded by a Mediterranean garden full of flowers, palms and fruit trees, it is the ideal place to spend your holidays under the banner of comfort, simplicity , and relaxation.

Rich breakfasts with organic products and homemade cakes, good food, beautiful music, and corners of poetry await you at the Oasis. Here … ART DOES NOT SLEEP!

Since the arrival you understand that we are different …

We have inherited a great location with a great history … built slowly by our parents who have dedicated their lives to the realization of a dream.

We grew up believing that the love of the land and the fruits that gives us, the value and importance of the simple things that surround us, the passion of what we do and the warmth of the welcome we offer would become our way of life .

We have chosen an informal, warm and typical approach to the people of the south.

Here you will not find any special behaviour to follow.

We are spontaneous and we like to feel and make you feel at home.

You are free to have breakfast barefoot if you want … Never anyone will ask you to wear long trousers and shirts to attend an evening event at the bar.

You are welcome in pareo and swimsuit! We hope to offer you a unique experience …